To Dream of Vulnerability and Leadership

It is a wonderful gift to love what you do.  There are a multitude of perspectives regarding the manner in which we identify with our professional identity.  I am Rebecca, and I am a nurse, a clinician, a teacher, and a mentor.  I’ve journeyed through time learning the value of owning my practice. Somewhere along this timeframe I’ve come across you, or someone you know. We’ve worked alongside each other, I’ve cared for you whilst you were critically unwell; I’ve held your loved one as you passed on; assisted you on board a Customs and Border Protection Vessel as you and your children fled your country to be in mine; and worked tirelessly with another remote area nurse, providing CPR on the tarmac as the retrieval plane circled to take you to Darwin.

My memories have filled my mind with real life experiences that have shaped my identity as a clinician, and it’s time to share the stories and lessons with you, in order that what I was given might reach the inquisitive and motivate further spread of this amazing journey I call Intensive Caring.